This visualization shows who held the One Ring and for how long using proportional circles. A timeline on the right displays the same data as a stacked bar chart.
Sauron held the One Ring for the longest time, around 1,840 years until it was cut from his hand by Isildur. Sméagol was in possession of the Ring for the second longest time, 478 years. Bilbo had the Ring for the next longest period, 60 years, which is more than three times the length of time that Frodo had it. Isildur had the Ring for only 2-3 years. Samwise Gamgee had the Ring for a full day, and Tom Bombadil and Déagol had the Ring for just a short time. There is also an unknown individual who puts the One Ring on a chain while Frodo is unconscious in Rivendell; it is unclear if the Ring was handled during this time.
Below is a cropped version that fits on letter-sized paper (8.5"x11").
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