Illustrations representing the different Rings of Power are displayed at the top of the timeline, and they are repeated on the right column of text to visually indicate which Rings each section is referring to.
Thanks to Chad Bornholdt (, who compiled the information into a single document and who provided edits.
Under the guise of Annatar, Sauron instructed the Gwaith-i-Mírdain (Elven master craftsmen) in Ring making around Second Age (S.A.) 1200 and “Many Lesser Rings” were created through S.A. 1500, when Sauron aided the work on creating 16 Rings of Power. These 16 Rings eventually became the Nine for the race of Men and the Seven for the race of Dwarves. 90 years later, Celebrimbor created the Three Elven Rings, which Sauron never touched. Around S.A. 1600 Sauron created the One Ring in secret.
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